Causes of Elephant Foot Disease and How to Overcome It

Elephant foot disease or called lymphatic filariasis is caused by Filariodidea worms that infect lymph nodes. This worm enters the human body by mosquito intermediaries. Elephant foot disease is commonly found in tropical regions, such as Indonesia. In total there are 1.23 billion people worldwide who are at risk of getting this disease. In Indonesia alone, there were around 13,000 cases of elephant disease in 2015. How can elephantiasis spread? As a tropical country, Indonesia is a comfortable place for mosquitoes to breed. Therefore, it is natural that more than one hundred million people are at risk of becoming infected with this disease. When mosquitoes suck the blood of someone who contains filaria worms, the worms will also infect mosquitoes. Furthermore, this infected mosquito will spread filaria worms when biting others. Filaria worm larvae will then stay in the lymph vessels. In these lymph vessels the filaria worm larvae will grow up and multiply. Adult worms themselv…
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